Gun Fu: Stickman Edition out now for free!

We’ve just launched a brand new app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It’s a stickman version of Gun Fu (called … Gun Fu: Stickman Edition. Creative, right?) and it’s totally free to download! We figure it’s a great way to introduce people to Gun Fu and hope that even more folks around the world will be exposed to the fast-paced action now.

It features four modes which center around the player’s choice of weapon: Pistols, Shotgun, Lazorz and Bow and Arrow. At first only Pistols is unlocked, and the rest become available through earning coins in-game or through in-app purchase. We plan on adding another unlocked mode very soon, themed around the holiday season.

Get it now, for FREE, from here!

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Gun Fu has been launched!

At last! You can get Gun Fu on the App Store, right now! [App Store Link]

We’re super excited that everyone around the world will be able to get the game now and the global competition will start heating up. There’s an early review of the game at iFanzine, and hopefully more to come.

That’s not the end of our involvement with Gun Fu of course. Anyone that’s already bought the game will see the mysterious “Coming Soon” mode selection on the Begin screen. More on that later…

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Gun Fu gameplay footage!

We’ve put together some footage of Gun Fu in action, filmed off-screen to give a proper sense of how intense it is when you’re actually playing it. On display is the game’s main mode, “The 10 Trials”, in which the player pits themselves against increasingly difficult waves of enemies. The goal is to beat all 10 trials and earn a place in the coveted Hall of Immortals. Check it out!

The other bit of news (kind of important actually!) is that Gun Fu has already been submitted for review with Apple! This of course means that the game should be out very soon. We’ll be announcing the specific release date in the coming days.

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Gun Fu previewed at!

Yes, Gun Fu is still on the way! We decided to take a little longer with it to flesh out certain aspects, add some really solid online components to the game AND to make it Universal. It’s all going to be worth it in the end, and that end is now near!

Sean Koch from spent some time with a beta build of the game the other day and has written a rather entertaining preview. A small sample:

“To the sound of some disco-worthy techno, the player commands a dance of death that’s stunningly choreographed even in the most inexperienced hands — it has to be, because the player character’s survival depends on his ability to wave guns around as if he were a Cirque du Soleil contortionist dropped into the middle of a war zone.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Make sure to check out the full preview at iFanzine:

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Announcing our next game, “Gun Fu”!

Admittedly, it’s been a little quiet around here since we launched Bathtime Boogie. But that’s only because we had a new game idea we were dying to put some time into, and we’ve come so far with it that we’re fairly close to releasing it now!

We decided that the best way to introduce our latest work would be in the form of a short teaser video. So please direct your attention to the video below, the first glimpse of Gun Fu.

More news to come on Gun Fu soon 🙂

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Bathtime Boogie is out now! Here’s our launch trailer

We hope you’ve been anticipating Bathtime Boogie’s release as much as we have, but the wait is now over. You can get the game on the App Store right now! We’ve put together this launch trailer to show off what the game has to offer.

Show it to all your friends! And don’t forget to buy the game 🙂

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Bathtime Boogie – extended gameplay footage!

We’ve been really busy with the final stages of development for Bathtime Boogie, but I’m glad to say that we’re just about ready to release it now! We’ve put together an extended and unedited gameplay footage video of a near-final build of the game so you can see how much it has come along.

So you can see just how close to finished it is! We’re on the home stretch now.

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