Welcome to The Dobblog!

Hello internet citizens, and welcome to the Dobsoft Studios Dev Blog – otherwise known as The Dobblog!

We’re a game development studio that is currently focusing on iPhone apps, and this is going to be the place that we’ll let you know how things are going, show off games that are still in-development, and just generally give our perspective on the life and inner workings of an indie game studio. Aside from me, Will Dobson (the technical director and “the dude in charge”) you’ll also be hearing from Rowan Edmondson, our creative director/lead designer. Who knows, we may even have some guest contributors from time to time.

Right now we’ve got one game (split into two versions) on the App Store: Bull Stampede Pro and Bull Stampede Lite. We’re also moving along at a blistering pace on our next title, which is yet unannounced, but guess what? When we’re ready to let the world know about it, this is going to be the first place we’ll do it! So make sure to bookmark us to hear our latest news – we’re going to be posting quite regularly so chances are there’ll be something new to read when you visit us.

While we’re doing our introductions here, here’s some other places you can find us:

Twitter: @dobsoftstudios

Website: Dobsoft Studios

And stay tuned, because we’re going to be talking about that unannounced title any day now!

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