Getting our iPad 2 … and Smart Cover!

So we’re finally getting an iPad 2 at Dobsoft Studios. When it first came out we were pretty busy with other stuff, but we can’t hold out any longer now! I was putting the order through at Apple’s online store, and got through to the “upsells” stage of the process, where they let you know about all of the extras that will make you just that little bit cooler than the next iPad owner. I was getting ready to speed through the page when I happened upon a product that I had somehow missed in the lead-up to the iPad 2’s launch, accompanied by the following video:

Come on, even the iPad haters have to admit that video is cool! Well, it sucked me in anyway, and now I have to choose whether to get the leather version or polyurethane. This choice has actually delayed the ordering of the iPad itself because I haven’t made up my mind yet!

The leather Smart Cover is more expensive and is supposed to be the better-looking option, but then I’ve heard that the dye can rub off on things and that it gets marked up/damaged quite easily. Tough decision. Maybe I just need to go into a store and lay eyes on the damned things to decide. Feel free to chime in if you’ve got a Smart Cover, whether you’re loving it or wished you hadn’t spent the cash on it.

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