New game announcement! Introducing Bathtime Boogie

We’ve been bursting trying to hold back news about our latest gaming creation until we were ready to properly announce it, but the time has finally come! We’d like to introduce the world to Bathtime Boogie, for the iPhone and iPod Touch!

Bathtime Boogie is a psychedelic journey along a magical bathtub that stretches into infinity or until your face melts from the explosion of colour. It might loosely be called a vertical shooter, but it won’t be like any you’ve ever played before. No two ‘trips’ down the tub will ever be the same –  dynamically changing gameplay, random special events and difficulty scaling means every play is unique.

The first asset we’d like to reveal from the game is our logo. Behold:

Bathtime Boogie Logo

Hopefully that has you hungry for more details about the game, because now that the news has been broken you can expect all of the info we’ve been holding in to come tumbling out on to The Dobblog. Look forward to screenshots, videos, and words from our designer Rowan on what exactly he was smoking when he came up with the idea. Check on us often to see what’s new!

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