First gameplay footage from Bathtime Boogie!

Ok, enough teasing. It’s time to show off a bit of what we’ve been working on. Here’s a sample of some gameplay from Bathtime Boogie for the iPhone and iPod Touch!

The keen-eyed amongst you will have noticed that the enemies start off looking angry, and change to happy once you’ve trapped them in a bubble with your soapy projectiles. You’ll see our scaling difficulty system at work, with the first part of the clip showing some early gameplay, then a bit harder gameplay from later in the session, and finally some quite intense action at the end.

We haven’t shown off everything in the game yet though, not by a long shot – we are going to have more cool videos displaying other characters you haven’t met, the random events and boss battles, and more!

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New game announcement! Introducing Bathtime Boogie

We’ve been bursting trying to hold back news about our latest gaming creation until we were ready to properly announce it, but the time has finally come! We’d like to introduce the world to Bathtime Boogie, for the iPhone and iPod Touch!

Bathtime Boogie is a psychedelic journey along a magical bathtub that stretches into infinity or until your face melts from the explosion of colour. It might loosely be called a vertical shooter, but it won’t be like any you’ve ever played before. No two ‘trips’ down the tub will ever be the same –  dynamically changing gameplay, random special events and difficulty scaling means every play is unique.

The first asset we’d like to reveal from the game is our logo. Behold:

Bathtime Boogie Logo

Hopefully that has you hungry for more details about the game, because now that the news has been broken you can expect all of the info we’ve been holding in to come tumbling out on to The Dobblog. Look forward to screenshots, videos, and words from our designer Rowan on what exactly he was smoking when he came up with the idea. Check on us often to see what’s new!

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“One Single Life” pwns the charts (and I worked on it!)

A big congratulations to our friends at Freshtone Games on the ridiculous success of their latest release, One Single Life. I was fortunate enough to be involved as a designer on the project after Freshtone director Tony O’Dempsey graciously invited me to join the team as an intern while I was completing my degree.

Although we knew from the beginning of the project that the central concept of permadeath would achieve some level of notoriety, I couldn’t have imagined it would reach the insane heights that it has – at the time of writing it’s #1 overall on the App Store in 10 countries. Well done FTG!

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Getting our iPad 2 … and Smart Cover!

So we’re finally getting an iPad 2 at Dobsoft Studios. When it first came out we were pretty busy with other stuff, but we can’t hold out any longer now! I was putting the order through at Apple’s online store, and got through to the “upsells” stage of the process, where they let you know about all of the extras that will make you just that little bit cooler than the next iPad owner. I was getting ready to speed through the page when I happened upon a product that I had somehow missed in the lead-up to the iPad 2’s launch, accompanied by the following video:

Come on, even the iPad haters have to admit that video is cool! Well, it sucked me in anyway, and now I have to choose whether to get the leather version or polyurethane. This choice has actually delayed the ordering of the iPad itself because I haven’t made up my mind yet!

The leather Smart Cover is more expensive and is supposed to be the better-looking option, but then I’ve heard that the dye can rub off on things and that it gets marked up/damaged quite easily. Tough decision. Maybe I just need to go into a store and lay eyes on the damned things to decide. Feel free to chime in if you’ve got a Smart Cover, whether you’re loving it or wished you hadn’t spent the cash on it.

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Bull Stampede update in the works

Even though we’re working really hard on the next Dobsoft Studios game, that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten our first child Bull Stampede. We’ve got updates cooking for both the Pro and Lite versions that we’ll send off to Apple in the coming weeks.

If you’ve already joined the Stampede and think you’ve got a good idea for something you’d like to see in an update, don’t hesitate to let us know – we’re all about that! And for those that haven’t picked up the game, why not give the Lite version a try for free? Here’s the game in action:

On the App Store: Bull Stampede Pro and Bull Stampede Lite

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Welcome to The Dobblog!

Hello internet citizens, and welcome to the Dobsoft Studios Dev Blog – otherwise known as The Dobblog!

We’re a game development studio that is currently focusing on iPhone apps, and this is going to be the place that we’ll let you know how things are going, show off games that are still in-development, and just generally give our perspective on the life and inner workings of an indie game studio. Aside from me, Will Dobson (the technical director and “the dude in charge”) you’ll also be hearing from Rowan Edmondson, our creative director/lead designer. Who knows, we may even have some guest contributors from time to time.

Right now we’ve got one game (split into two versions) on the App Store: Bull Stampede Pro and Bull Stampede Lite. We’re also moving along at a blistering pace on our next title, which is yet unannounced, but guess what? When we’re ready to let the world know about it, this is going to be the first place we’ll do it! So make sure to bookmark us to hear our latest news – we’re going to be posting quite regularly so chances are there’ll be something new to read when you visit us.

While we’re doing our introductions here, here’s some other places you can find us:

Twitter: @dobsoftstudios

Website: Dobsoft Studios

And stay tuned, because we’re going to be talking about that unannounced title any day now!

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